New Traditionalist

Much of my professional work would be labeled as New Traditional. Through out the architectural and planning design process, I am not creating. I believe that the ultimate design challenge is to introduce the traditions that have been lost through Modernism.

I recognize as a New Traditionalist that human beings are both creatures of reasons and myth, and that architecture must seek to manifest spiritual values as well as trappings of a rational process. I believe that the highest form of architectural expression is the manifestation of the means of construction and is the premise of traditionalism. This must be understood as a belief beyond the provision of shelter, but a provision for meeting the type both functionally and symbolically. Ornamentation is a necessary formal element in all design as a perceptual and semantic mediator as a medium, for metaphorical and literal representation. I hold that beyond the specific conventions of individual styles is a set of principles or natural rules that are constant throughout the history of architecture.

There are great cities in the world that are the ultimate textbook. Rome is one of these textbooks. Throughout Rome and Italy, I have been able to find examples of great architecture and Urbanism that work together to formalize great spaces. These are the traditions that we should be reintroducing to our designs and projects. Returning to the traditions of culture and architecture is the direction and future for recovering from what we have lost through Modernist ideology.

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