Civic Uses

This is a diagram by Leon Krier. Every time that I work on the master plan for a new community, or work with community leaders in an existing town, this principle comes up. There is a belief that by concentrating all of the civic uses of a community into a single place, the community will benefit from this planning. This is simply not true.
By dispersing the civic uses of a community, you provide the opportunity to enrich the entire city with the benefit of civic functions. Civic uses provide a hierarchy within the community. Smaller schools can be placed within walking distance of houses, and thus eliminating buses. Churches can be geographically located and share their spiritual gifts throughout the city.
By distributing the uses, the entire city can benefit, and no single quarter in the city will have to carry the burden of housing all the civic buildings. We should be promoting this idea in our communities with our local government officials and school boards.