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Our Approach

The Restless

The Restless Urbanist is a platform to share ideas and discoveries of the built environment. This page is dedicated to those that are on a restless pursuit of urbanism.

Our Story

Our Story

Restless Urbanist was created as an outlet for the authors to share ideas. Yes, these are the discussions heard countless times by our close friends and families who have drone us out.

Meet the Team

These are the faces of the Restless. We are not all a bunch of trained planners. We are urbanists, sharing our restless pursuit of great places.


Edward W. Erfurt IV

Restless Urbanist

Edward Erfurt is a passionate urban designer who has been working with communities to design and implement walkable communities for over 15 years. His work follows the principles outlined in the Charter of the New Urbanism, and promotes traditional town planning principles common in America prior to the 1950′s. His philosophy of design and placemaking focuses on promoting cities, towns, and neighborhoods, which are beautiful and of lasting value. This body of work builds on the unique character that makes the tapestry of place.

Edward has followed his passion for urban design and placemaking through his work in communities across America. He has developed Pattern Books and Community Vision Books across the country that on regional patterns and the crucial connection between people and their community. This passion has led to his blog Restless Urbanist, where he shares his candid and person observations of the built world.

Edward currently is the Assistant City Manager in Ranson, West Virginia, where he manages the City's Community Development Department. The focus of this work is in the implementation of the adopted planning work through Ranson Renewed.


Michelle Erfurt

Married to a New Urbanist

Michelle Erfurt became interested in the topic of city design, the influence of the built environment, and planners after marrying into the field. She has over 10 years of experience following he spouse to planning conferences, being dragged unknowingly on to walking tours, and listening to her spouse's urban rants.

Michelle is the inspiration for the founding of the Restless Urbanist blog. She has been the guiding (which is spouse talk for doing) the technology behind this blog. For better or for worse, without her contributions and constant encouragement to her husband, this blog would not be possible.

Michelle currently works with Strong Towns. Guided by a passion for helping people, Michelle navigates people through the process of bringing a Strong Towns event to their area.

Michelle's first career is in music therapy. She spent her clinical years working to decrease pain, improve coping, and enhance interpersonal relationships of hospice and hospitalized patients.


Eddie Erfurt

Son of a New Urbanist

Eddie was just born into this stuff, and as little options but to go with it. As a bright 4 year old, he is able to bring a unique perspective and witty observations of the world around him.

Eddie is not filled with any bias expect for what has been imparted to him through his DNA, and has not been corrupted by the planning profession. He shares what he sees from the height of a kitchen counter top.

Eddie has been toted, carried, or strollered, across the entire transect. He is not afraid to tell it how it is from a perspective normally misunderstood by adults.