Our Approach

The Restless

The Restless Urbanist is a platform to share ideas and discoveries of the built environment. This page is dedicated to those that are on a restless pursuit of urbanism.

Our Story

Restless Urbanist was created as an outlet for the authors to share ideas. Yes, these are the discussions heard countless times by our close friends and families who have drone us out.

Meet the Team

These are the faces of the Restless. We are not all a bunch of trained planners. We are urbanists, sharing our restless pursuit of great places.

Restless Urbanist

Edward W. Erfurt IV

Restless Urbanist

Edward Erfurt is a trained architect and passionate urban designer with over 20 years of public- and private-sector experience focused on the management, design, and successful implementation of development and placemaking projects that enrich the tapestry of place. He believes in community-focused processes that are founded on diverse viewpoints, a concern for equity, and guided through time-tested, traditional town-planning principles and development patterns that result in sustainable growth with the community character embraced by the communities which he serves.

Edward currently is the Director of Community Action, for Strong Towns which is a not-for-profit advocacy organization.