Technical Assistance for Redevelopment

As Urban Designer in Martin County I provide technical, planning resources to aid the residents and landowners with redevelopment and infill development. This technical assistance is critical to navigate the complex development regulations of Martin County, and to address the constraints found on a redevelopment site for the purpose of implementing the community vision.

Development Report prepared as a guide for redevelopment within the community.

This assistance requires the input and technical expertise of a team composed of professionals with the education and experience in the fields of planning, architecture, and engineering, and a working institutional knowledge of Martin County’s Comprehensive Plan, Land Development Regulations, and Permitting Processes. This team is imbedded into the regulatory development review team. With this experience and unique position in the process, projects within the redevelopment areas are provided a competitive advantage that attracts private investment. This creates an environment where staff championing and promoting the community vision with each new development.

Knowing is literally half the battle in the development process. Illustrating all of the regulatory layers assists in understanding what is permitted and the vision for a site.

This process has resulted in numerous successful Site Plan Applications reviewed and approved under expedited processing through the County’s Development Review Process. This has also led to a concentrated number of building permits within the CRA. These results are attracting new investment, creating jobs, and adding taxable value to the community redevelopment areas.

Development scenarios allow for the testing of ideas prior to an applicant paying for design services or applying for permits.

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