Love in the City

This is a very late reminder if you need to sneak out and pick up a card, flowers and candy, for your sweetheart.

February 14 is a celebration of love whether you are the romantic following the Hallmark calendar or if you are religious and celebrating the martyrdom of Saint Valentine through the liturgical calendar. In both cases, today is the day we all pause to celebrate those which share love.

However, I think that you have overlooked a very important sweetheart in your life. Have you taken the time to show some love to your community? Have you sent your City a Valentines? Do not mistake me, I am not talking about a letter to City Hall. We should all take a moment to appreciate the places we live and work.

Throughout 2020, we have taken on a new awareness, and I hope, appreciation to where we live. We have all spent a lot more time in our homes, and our neighborhoods have become active through this 2020 repopulation. Are neighborhoods have adapted to these new normal to provide what we need.

This Valentine’s Day, we should show our communities a little love through some random acts of kindness. Take some time to sweep or shovel your sidewalks, pick up random trash in your park, or start the plans for a spring garden. Take a moment to contribute at the most local level and give back to the place you live.