Airbnb For My Yard

Some time back after I mowed my yard, I came up with a crazy idea:  Airbnb for my Lawn, find a place to grow. Spring is right around the corner and I look out at my snow covered yard knowing we cannot eat the grass.

Winter days give me lots of times to think and return the the crazy ideas that began under the hot August sun. Knowing I love the idea of eating off the land, but recognizing my time limitation and abundance of grass, I need to turn a problem into a solution. What if I offered my yard as a a garden plot to an eager grower. Instead of trying to work out a community garden, I would just make my yard the garden and offer garden plots. This could be the start of Airbnb for wandering gardener.

The idea is simple. I have excess capacity in my yard, which is a fancy way to say I have too much grass. I can offer the land, access to my irrigation, and even my yard tools. I would be seeking someone with the interest, time, and passion to grow edible plants. They would be responsible for maintaining the garden, and if they want they can share their bounty instead of cash rent.

That left over space I hate to trim and mow

Like Airbnb, this could be organized through the online social networks. I could set prefaces. For example, if I was allergic to bees, I might prohibit the installation of bee keeping hives. I could also focus on organic or heirloom plantings. Growers could seek out sun exposure, soil types, and locations. 

The wilds of my garden and what I have time to manage

I know that someone out there can organize the site, and run with this idea. I only ask that you provide me a free listing.