Don’t Mistake Me for Angry

My wife has pointed out that many of my restless posts seem to be filled with anger. I assure you that I am not an angry person, nor am I stuck in angry little old man syndrome. I am just really frustrated with the policies and decisions that are being made in our built environment. I am frustrated that we are spending billions on the car, yet nothing on affordable housing. I am concerned that we build excessive roads with high speed (45 mph plus), and then add bike lanes to meet active transportation credits. I cannot understand why we have regulations that require buildings to be placed in the worst location that divide our communities. I worry that our children have to be bussed across town to the new super school, instead of walking to a local neighborhood school. Our rules and regulations require us to build terrible places. These are things that keep me up at night, and this blog is my opportunity to share my restless thoughts.

Please feel free to share your thoughts here.

1 thought on “Don’t Mistake Me for Angry”

  1. i concur with everything you said. People often mistake me for angry when I am just concerned for my city. Although I do get frustrated when decision makers seem to take a step forward, when they are really taking two steps backwards (or perhaps a step to the side).

    Your example of placing bike lines on excessively wide and fast roads and thinking they are encouraging cycling. is one such instance.

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