Distribution of T.A.R.P. Funding

As a recent public servant, I can see the storm on the horizon. It is going to be a very hard next few years for all public projects across the Country. For the first time in many years, local government has a stream of federal funding through the T.A.R.P. program. At the same time, construction is at an all time low. This should be the perfect storm for building public infrastructure. Unfortunately, another storm is on the horizon.

The American Public is just plain angry at the Federal Government, which is trickling down to local government. Right now, the Tea Party’s message has hit the core of many in our communities. Americans are generally upset with the spending of the federal government, and any projects associated with this spending.

This puts all public projects in the crosshairs of this anger. As mentioned above, this is a perfect storm for another couple of hard years. By the time the storm clears, it will be too late to take advantage of the true perfect storm.