Regulations and Drawing

Architecture contributes the quality of the Urbanism. We do not have to settle for the typical box when a community has adopted a clear vision, and design regulations to support that character. You also need to be prepared to sketch or draw alternatives to assist in implementing the vision.


Mobile Home Park

Across the country, the pressures for development and need for affordable rehousing are converging on older mobile home parks. These sites offer compact, tiny house, opportunities. Through the infusion of simple urban design principles, these sites can redevelop into vibrant and lasting neighborhoods.

This case study explores how a bankrupt mobile home park could redevelopment through three different development options: Simple Infill, Mixed-Use Development, and Compact Urban.


Pocket Neighborhoods

High density does not have to be tall towers, and rental housing does not have to be common. Pocket Neighborhoods can provide a compact, high density housing option, while offering a sense of place.