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How did you fund that?

This is the question receive on many of my projects. This is also the question I ask when I see ridiculous projects. There are four simple principles that I follow on any project: Want is the community vision? Any investment … Continue reading

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Paper Solutions

We are on a constant search to find ways to improve our built environment. Every professional group publishes annual reports highlighting best practices, new techniques, and exemplar projects. These are the projects that inspire and awards community, but do they … Continue reading

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Parking for Education

A recent article in Us News and Report, How Free Parking Is Screwing Up Our Cities, New research aims to help lawmakers get to better transportation policy, has triggered a great discussion on the cost of parking at schools. This … Continue reading

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Incremental Approach to Urbanism: Implementation

An incremental approach to urbanism is focused on improving conditions. The incremental approach is focused on the small scale, low risk, investment. This approach is not about large budget investment. Incremental approaches are about thoughtful management can be accomplished through … Continue reading

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Two Governments

There are two governments that we all face in the development of place. We either are in communities that do not want any new development and there are communities that want new investment and development. There are many terms to … Continue reading

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The Lost Art of Urbanism

Through the restless search for Urbanism, there are moments that highlight the lost art of urban design. North Adams, Massachuttess, has an amazing Main Street. However half of the street was demolished and redeveloped through urban renewal. The new portion … Continue reading

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Lessons for Mixed Use

There are several things that I have learned while planing, coding, and developing, mixed-use projects. These are not all the answers, simply a list of lessons and observations from my own experiences. I want to share this list with you, … Continue reading

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Reduced Commute

Want to save yourself thousands? An easy enough question to answer, right? I am constantly looking for opportunities to save money and improve efficiency. I want to share one simple idea: reduced commute. The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) … Continue reading

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The Moneyball Approach to Cities

Last night I watched the movie Moneyball for the umpteenth time. I was first told to watch this movie from my good friend and mentor Chuck Marohn at Strong Towns. Chuck explained that I needed to watch the movie because … Continue reading

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Is Detroit the testing ground for Havana?

50 years ago, Detroit had the highest standard of living in the world. It was one of the most robust cities providing endless opportunities. Today, the City is described as a post-apocalyptic waste land. The city is financial bankrupt, the … Continue reading

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